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Latest News and Articles

Fixing the Meta-Game

Nov 29 2016 01:17 PM | Matt in Articles

In this article I will address growing concerns about the games current balance. I will include my thoughts on how things could be changed to lead us into a healthier competitive environment. However, the more changes you add to the game the more complicated it becomes for new players. Killing a tier 1 deck is never a good idea if instead you could bring it down a notch. For example, Banning Unleashed would kill Blue/Red Goku. Granted, there would still be Blue and Red Goku lists that may find some success in tournaments, but the deck as we know it would be entirely dead. That type of mentality is not good for the game.

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Grading a DBZ Player - Yourself!

Nov 29 2016 01:53 AM | Justin in News

What makes a great DBZ player???? Justin goes over ten questions to ask yourself!

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DBZ Deck LabZ - Conflict Vegeta Worlds List

Nov 21 2016 02:36 PM | Justin in News

Today, theUofCWildcat (Ryan Lambdin) makes a deck profile on his 2016 World's deck choice: Black Conflict Vegeta.

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LCQ + Worlds. 5th place Tourney Report

Nov 21 2016 04:26 AM | Zero in News

Zero (Tim Palacios) talks about his grueling run through the LCQ, getting his invite then making it to day 2 of Worlds!

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Understanding Goku - A Look at My World's T...

Nov 20 2016 06:17 PM | Justin in News

Justin shares his play testing thoughts that ultimately led to his deck decision for worlds.

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Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game World Champions...

Nov 10 2016 06:25 AM | Jarrett in News

The Championship is here! November 11th-13th, DBZTopTier.com and the Official DBZ Panini Blog will be covering the 2016 Dragon Ball Z TCG World Championship Las Chance Qualifier, Main Event, and the ARG Circuit Series Events with as many updates as we...

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Dragon Prix Finalists Run Down

Nov 07 2016 06:03 PM | SunnyD in Articles

Retribution Roshi wins at the Dragon Prix! Matchups listed.

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Awakening Release!

Oct 28 2016 01:05 AM | Jarrett in News

Today, the latest expansion set for the 2016 Dragon Ball Z Trading Card Game - Awakening has released! Check out your favorite local games and hobbies store for Awakening Starter Decks and Booster packs! The website deckbuilder and card database h...

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How to Get 17th Place at the Last Regional and...

Oct 26 2016 09:08 AM | TommyMains in Tournament Reports

Devious Frieza goes to Lenexa. The surprise deck that almost could.

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Top 4 Report from Lenexa - Tag Team Ginyu

Oct 25 2016 08:12 AM | Deltree in Articles

Here is my report/story of my Top 4 at Lenexa. The story begins a month ago in Pueblo, CO...... At Pueblo, I decided to run Devious Roshi MPPV/Survival (no ball victory). I spoke with many different people I consider good at this game (2 of which...

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